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Pinned topic How to see the solution during the search?

‏2013-04-29T18:08:29Z |



I used CPLEX ILOG 12.5. If I program by Mathematical model, I can see the solution by execute the scripting log.

But I switch the model to using CP. I couldn't see the solution during the search by the same execute display code.

Could you tell me how to see solutions during the search?


My execute display code written as


execute DISPLAY {

  {writeln("Sequantial variable ")};
  for(var k in K)
    for(var j in J)
    for(var i in I) 
    if (x[i][j][k]==1) {writeln("Cycle ", k," Position ",j, " is part  ",i)};
{writeln("Assignment ")};
   for (var l in L)
   for (var m in M)
    if (y[l][m]==1){writeln("Part ", m, " assigned to ", l)}