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Pinned topic Extend LUN with Storage Management Console for vCenter

‏2013-06-18T09:15:48Z | extend lun management plugin storage v7000 vmware

Hi all,

I am playing with the IBM Storage Management Console for VMware vCenter 3.2, installed on vCenter 5.1. We have created a LUN of 2000GB and can extend it using the plugin to 2200 GB. ESX 5.1 is capable of handling VMFS sizes of more than 2TB. After the LUN has been extended and the VMFS has been increased to 2200GB, we refresh-update the IBM storage plugin view. But now the Extend option is greyed out, so I cannot extend anymore?

We have done multiple extends on smaller LUNs so we guess that it has to do with the 2TB limit. But this 2TB limit does not exist anymore on ESX5.1 w/ VMFS5. We have sufficient space available in the storage pool to do the extend. Is this a feature or a bug? And there is nothing about it in the Release notes... Just tried to EXPAND it on the V7000 GUI, this is possible.

V7000 is on v6.4.1.2, Plugin is V3.2.0.34