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Pinned topic Connection of 2 CICS regions to other common CICS region

‏2013-04-24T14:29:20Z |

We have 2 CICS regions with an application on each one of them. Both must run a program in another CICS region of remotely. To do this we create a common to the previous CICS region, where we define:

- the application program to run

- the connection to the CICS region origin

- such a connection session

These 3 objects are defined for each of the 2 CICS regions origin.

These 2 regions CICS creates the connection and session toward the common CICS region.

The problem is as follows:

Try one of the 2 applications the remote program execution is satisfactory, but when testing the second, does not run the remote program but gives an AEYQ abend.

It is not possible to create 2 connections in a CICS region in the way that we have done it?


Thank you and a greeting.