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What are the Differences between Clearcase and git.Why not using git apart of Clearcase.

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    Re: Diffrences between Clearcase and Git


    It really depends on your requirements which tool to use. There are some advantages and limitations in each tool.

    • Git is a revision control system, while ClearCase is a version control system.
    • ClearCase maintains list of element based on object ids that are not related to names or content, and it makes easier to manage code base across multiple releases.
    • Git is a distributed system, while ClearCase is a centralized system (that can be replicated using Multisite).
    • ClearCase employs type managers to version, diff, or merge particular set of elements to it's own set of rules.
    • ClearCase offers access to a software repository via RW filesystem, which in turn allows to implement build avoidance and build audit. Git had its own filesystem project (figfs), but it gained very limited popularity, and was short in capabilities and platform support.
    • Finally, Git is free, while ClearCase is extremely cost-ineffective for a small team (for hundreds or thousands of developers it might be a different story).