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Pinned topic Blank lines from clearlicense - and stating that my license server is not a license server.

‏2014-02-06T21:08:35Z | clearcase clearlicense cleartool license server


This is on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  Clearcase version

Our clearcase server was installed and running fine...   We recently changed physical locations, so our systems came out of the racks, were packed and moved.  We re-installed the hardware in the racks, re-wired and started up our systems.  Now I get  a license issue on my clearcase server.    The hostname, domain, IP,  and network did not change.   It was down ~3 weeks for the packing and move to take place. 

The system is a Hyper-V virtual system. 

I get blank lines with the clearlicense call.


E:\>clearlicense -hostid
 Current machine identifier: 00155d011a08

I can't do anything in cleartool or most of the other management tools. 

cleartool: Error: There are no valid licenses in the NT registry for ClearCase.
cleartool: Error: You do not have a license to run ClearCase.

If I go to the clearcase properties tab I see my licenses so they seem to exist...

-license MultiSite RATL *.1 NONE 515d8956.a7f53edc.02
-license ClearCase RATL *.1 NONE 515d88d9.1ac34950.02
-license ClearCase RATL *.1 NONE 5256b066.1b5f5014.02
-license MultiSite RATL *.1 NONE 5256b122.a8915b4a.02

Clearcase doctor tells me my server is not set up to be a licensing server: 

This computer is not configured correctly.  It is configured to use "labdev2" as a
ClearCase license server, but that computer is not a valid license server.

Clearcase doctor also reports a region issue:

Region "CCDEV" unknown on registry server "labdev2".
This could happen if you have just installed ClearCase and specified a region that
did not yet exist or if you mistyped an entry from the ClearCase Control Panel
program.   (Right-click to resolve this problem.)  FYI - right clicking here the only option that is available is ignore.... 


So where to look next?