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‏2013-06-04T06:34:46Z | configuration repository


I have installed Data Studio 3.2 web console on one of our DB2 servers and am trying to configure the connection to a blank repository configuration database that I have setup (called DSREPOS).  I have been able to setup a 'normal' database connection to this same empty database, using exactly the same details (db name, port, logon id etc.) and the test database button successfully connects.

However, when i try and configure what is essentially the same connection but within the configuration repository section it fails. Unfortunately, I am posting this from home as for some reason I cant type in the body text field from our browser at work(!) and cannot provide the exact error. Suffice to say it is not very helpful, and doesn't give any specific DB2 or SQL error.   

I did have the issue which stopped the program installing until i changed the locale form GB to US, I have changed this back now, could this be another symptom of this?

Any help would be much appreciated!




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