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Pinned topic Logging In WAS Liberty 8.5

‏2014-01-20T06:31:59Z |

We are specifying the log properties in server.xml using

<logging logDirectory="logs"  maxFileSize="100" maxFiles="20" consoleLogLevel="AUDIT" messageFileName="VCHServer_messages.log"
           traceFileName="VCHServer_trace.log" traceSpecification="*=info=enabled" traceFormat="ENHANCED"  />

But we also want to specify additional properties, as in, log file patterns based on package names.

We are using java.util.logger which allows for the properties to be configurable.

But during runtime, the Logger defaults to and the properties configured for java.util.logging.Logger is not picked.

Does Liberty provide a way to make these configurable or to override the WsLogger and use the Default Logger?