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‏2013-10-29T16:26:43Z | beta code discovery drop features open-beta taddm tivoli


Since new Milestone 3 Beta Code Drop is available we are interested which features do you like the most?
What kind of features seems to be most useful in your environment?

Feature descriptions in Beta Readme and in detailed documentation.

  1. Business Services
  2. XML support for Extended Attributes - first stage
  3. Caching of access credentials: direct L2 discovery
  4. Grouping of discovery scopes
  5. Security: BIRT reports disabled by default
  6. Migration from TADDM 7.2.2 to TADDM 7.Next beta
  7. VMware vCenter network discovery enhancements
  8. Microsoft Hyper-V discovery
  9. VMWare ESXi discovery
  10. Script-based discovery for Windows platform
  11. Discovery of IBM Websphere MQ Server 7.1 and 7.5 including MQ multi installation support 11
  12. Support of JBoss ® Application Server 6

Please vote now.