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‏2014-02-11T13:00:03Z |


I have an issue with CICS explorer 5.1 and CICS TG plug in: the problem is the copy function to allow to copy / paste from the clipboard to a spredsheet. The facility is present in the CICS Explorer basic view.

Any chance to have this facility added to the CICS TG plugin too?

Many kind regards,

Linda Pontremoli


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    Re: CTG Plug in copy function


    Hi Linda

    Thank you for your post, I was surprised to find that the copy and paste functionality wasn't available in the CICS TG plug-in but having discovered (as you did) that it isn't I can see how it could be of benefit.

    Could you please raise an RFE against the CICS TG project for this request so that the development team can look into it more closely. Here is the link to open a new RFE ->


    Andrew Smithson
    CICS TG Technical Lead