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‏2013-06-27T06:22:43Z | isim itim webservices

Hi everyone,

I've been working with the ISIM 6 Web Services API, but I've found that there's basically no documentation on the WS API, so most of the stuff I've managed to do so far has been by trial and error. However, I've hit a brick wall when trying to set the "eritampvalid" value on a TAM service account (SAM 7.0, this is). The 5.1 WebService documentation shows the WSAttribute as only having the fields Name and Value ... but for the ISIM 6 WebService, I find another field, an int called "operation". When I get the attributes from the account, "eritampvalid" has operation=0 and the value "FALSE", even though the actual TAM account has secPwdValid set to TRUE (Yes). I've tried to set "eritampvalid" with operation=0 and value "TRUE" or "FALSE" and every time I try this, the end result has the operation succeed, but subsequent calls to getAccountAttributes shows that the "eritampvalid" attribute has just plain vanished. It will reappear only after reconciling the TAM Service.

I have tried with different values of operation. With operation=1, I get an error saying that no changes were detected so nothing will be changed; operation=2 will act the same as operation=0. What am I doing wrong? What does the operation values mean? And where can I find an up to date javadoc or similar spec for the WS API? The corresponding ISIM 6 RedBook only mentions the services themselves, but doesn't give expected parameters/values for the appropiate operations!

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