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Pinned topic Issue with Drill downs in Excel

‏2013-07-25T13:58:47Z |


We have a parent report that offers a drill down to a child report.  When I run the report, it returns to Excel imbedded within Internet Explorer and the drill works fine.  However we have a user whose reports open directly into Excel pure and it generates an error.  

I am pretty sure that drills are only officially supported from within a browser and we used to instruct users to change their Windows Explorer file type settings for .xls to 'Browse In Same Window' which would make their report open in IE and therefore work.

However this user is running Windows 7 and Office 2010 and says he has no such option to change the file type handling.  Should the drills work from Excel 2010?  Is there something we can do to force it into the browser and to work?




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