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Hi guys,

I am using the gateway to import requirements and links between requirements and model elements into the Rhapsody model. I am importing from microsoft Word. Whenever I modify the requirement in word, or I create new links in the Gateway, invoking "Add high level requirements" update them in the model. Is it possible to have modifications performed in the Rhapsody model (e.g., I edit the text of a requirement) reflect back into the requirement source?

I noticed that a reverse synchronization feature exists for DOORS, which I guess does what I want. Any clue on how to do that with other requirement sources?

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    Re: Reverse synchronization in Gateway


    Yes, it's possible to export the updated requirement info back to gateway and then synchronize with Doors.

    But I don't aware gateway having the feature to export requirement info directly back to word or excel file.

    If you have doors installed, it's possible to export the doors model to word or excel instead.