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Pinned topic Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper : Version 4 published June 30th.

‏2010-07-05T12:29:51Z |
 Version 4 of the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper was published on June 30th and focused on Service Level Agreements ( SLAs).

The evolution of the paper has been as follows:

Version 1 - How customers use the Cloud - Published July 31st, 2009
Version 2 - How applications are "built" in the Cloud - Published October 31st, 2009
Version 3 - Security in the Cloud - Published Feb 2nd, 2010
Version 4 - Service Level Agreements - Published June 30th
Version 5 - Starting July 5th topics will be reviewed for inclusion in V5

We encourage you to review the paper and provide comments. Since the paper is being developed iteratively, we will be looking for your comments to identify the topic for Version 5.

Version 4 can be found at

Comments on the paper or suggestions for Version 5 can be posted at .  

Have a good day and look forward to your comments.

Thanks very much