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I'm running the DOORS client and server on a single machine. I've recently installed DOORS Web Access server on the same machine. DOORS Web Access works fine. I modified the file to use the http://servername:8080/dwa url prefix. However, trying to use the URLs indicates a redirection loop.

This is what I get from a Chrome browser:

This webpage has a redirect loop


I've configured the doors server using dbadmin as shown in the setup instructions, also configuring the festival.xml file as directed (files attached)

I'd like to revert back to using doors:// prefix, but I can't find any way to make that happen. I think this will resolve my redirection issues.

If there's a way to keep the http prefix and resolve the redirection loop, that's also ok.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Update: I've learned how to revert back to "doors://..." URLs.

It appears that my DCN settings are not working properly as the "dbadmin -dcnInit" commad replies "Failed to initialise Data Change Notifications." The -dcnInfo command replies "Data Change Notifications enabled but not sending"






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    Re: DOORS URL Redirection Loop


    1.           Set the dwa.url.prefixvalue to the values you entered for -dwaProtocol, -dwaHost, and -dwaPortin the dbadmincommand in Configuring the Rational DOORS database server.

    <entry key="dwa.url.prefix">http://

    Important:The value of -dwaHost must be the fully qualified hostname of the computer



    Please goto Doors and look into URL of Doorsdatabase properties it should contain http:// not doors://


    Let us know URL in Doors properties