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Pinned topic how to keep data when replace the V7000 control enclosures

‏2013-11-13T05:53:30Z | control enclosures replace the v7000

hi, i got a case,the customer want to move the disk from a exist V7000 control  enclosures to a new V7000 control  enclosures,of course the data in the system should be kept.

what need i do?

just do these steps?

svcconfig backup   //backup the config and put it to the new V7000

svcconfig restore -execute // restore the config

  • chriscanto
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    Re: how to keep data when replace the V7000 control enclosures


    The two methods that come to mind are:

    1. Adding the new control enclosure to the existing system, i.e. as a cluster, migrating or mirroring the vdisks to new storage pool(s) using disks from that new control enclosure (+expansions, if any), then moving the vdisk and host access into the new I/O group.  Once you've done this for all volumes then the original control enclosure can be removed from the configuration.

    2. Create a new system on the new control enclosure, then partner the two systems for remote copy, e.g. metro mirror, then use that to sync the data across to the new system before switching over the hosts to the new box.


    You definitely definitely do NOT want to use the svcconfig backup/restore functions for this activity.  That isn't what it is intended for.