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Pinned topic Cannot create a service in ISIM

‏2014-08-18T13:12:42Z |

Hi All,

I been facing a strange error in my isim environment.
I have installed my isim in a cluster environment.

Everything worked fine for about a 6-7 months.

now i am not able to create a service from one of my isim cluster members.

i get the below error


I am able to create a service from other cluster member.

I tried to reimport the AD adapter file and it works for about a few days and the issues starts again after a few days.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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    Re: Cannot create a service in ISIM


    You said that you have ISIM cluster, but you did not say whether you have two replicated SDS (LDAP). If yes, then my guess would be a bad data replication in the SDS (LDAP) backend, because erADDMALService information are stored in the SDS (LDAP).

    Rgds. YN.