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‏2013-08-19T14:17:45Z | jms; mq;

HI all , i am working on ibm mq using spring

So far good , when i have Queue connection established , and got the Queue up.


But the problem arises when the Queue is not up or Application is not able to connect to MQ.

I was struggling with the problem that the ibm mq framework was not throwing any exception but it is throwing and that is in 180 sec ( 3 Minutes ).


No i want to change this time to 10 seconds or less ,


how can i configure it to throw exception in 10 sec or less .

I am using the following configuration in Application Context.xml -


<bean id="mqConnectionFactory" class="">

<property name="hostName">



<property name="port">



<property name="queueManager">



<property name="channel">



<property name="transportType">



<property name="clientReconnectOptions" value="0" />

<property name="clientReconnectTimeout" value="2" />