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We have a table in solidDB (V7) that contains PCI data.  Our audit requirement is to track any activity against this table.  We need to know who accessed it and the query used.  We do not need to know the before and after data, if an update is executed.  I've seen a couple of trace options in solidDB, but it appears to be at the database level, not at the table level.  We have other tables on this solidDB instance with millions and millions of selects, inserts, deletes, etc.  If we turn the trace on at the database level, then we'll track everything and I fear we'll take a huge performance hit.  We just need accesses to one specific table. 

Any suggestions, anyone? 


Tom Glaser

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    Re: PCI data - Auditing trace?


    Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately solidDB does not offer table-level auditing. If you knew that only certain users access the PCI table, you could enable SQL tracing on user level (ADMIN COMMAND 'monitor on user {username | userid}'). But if you want to trace access to the table by any user (or the PCI-accessing user also executes those millions of other statements), that's not of much help.

    If you'd like to make a feature request, please contact your IBM Sales representative.