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Pinned topic Trying to connect an IBM i ITM Agent to SCM beta

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We are using the SCM trial VM to test SCM as the core of an enterprise monitoring solution. I've already gotten the start of a solution working by getting an AIX agent and the HMC agent talking with the SCM host and its ESXi monitor.

However, I am having no luck connecting an IBM i agent to the SCM trial host. We've confirmed it's not a network issue by tracing packets. The I agent talks to the TEMS process, and it talks back, the server just never shows up in the Portal.

Can anyone suggest what we might be doing wrong in trying to get this server to listen to this agent?

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    Re: Trying to connect an IBM i ITM Agent to SCM beta


    That is very odd.    Did you check where the application support is installed for System i?   If you run the following command, you will see a complete list of installed app support:


    /data/IBM/ITM/bin/cinfo -i


    Check that the application support is installed, but also check that the TEMS/TEPS have a version of the app support that is at least as current as the agent.


    If you have app support installed, I would try reconfiguring the TEPS.   Just run /data/IBM/ITM/bin/itmcmd config -A cq

    When prompted with questions, just press "Enter" because you don't want to change any settings.  Then recycle the TEPS.