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Pinned topic mmbackup with multiple nodes

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1 cluster on GPFS
5 nodes (kgpfsp1, kgpfsp2, agpfsp1, agpfs2, sgpfsp1), the first 4 nodes are quorum manager and the last is a quorum/tiebreaker. the first 4 nodes have access to all nsd (except those used as tiebreaker by the last node)
4 filesystems
/gpfs/brm is the mount point for fs /dev/gpfs_root
/gpfs/brm/.office1 is the mount point for fs /dev/office1

I want to run mmbackup with 4 nodes with the following command on kgpfsp1:
/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmbackup /dev/office1 -N kgpfsp1,kgpfsp2,agpfsp1,agpfsp2 -g /gpfs/brm/backup -s /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp -f

However, it seems only kgpfsp1 participate to the backup.
It has worked in the past (I believe with GPFS

Processes running while mmbackup is running
    root 10682588 14745666   3 08:14:15      -  0:00 /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/tsapolicy /dev/office1 -g /gpfs/brm/backup -s /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp -m 1 -r /gpfs/brm/.office1/.mmbackupCfg/updatedFiles -q -P /var/mmfs/mmbackup/.mmbackupRules.office1 -I yes -L 0 --enableIPv6 no -N /var/mmfs/tmp/nodefile.mmapplypolicy.26345626 -X
    root 14745666 26345626   3 08:14:14      -  0:00 /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/tsapolicy /dev/office1 -g /gpfs/brm/backup -s /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp -m 1 -r /gpfs/brm/.office1/.mmbackupCfg/updatedFiles -q -P /var/mmfs/mmbackup/.mmbackupRules.office1 -I yes -L 0 --enableIPv6 no -N /var/mmfs/tmp/nodefile.mmapplypolicy.26345626 -X
    root 15990888 19005604   0 08:01:14      -  0:00 /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmksh /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmbackup /dev/office1 -N kgpfsp1,kgpfsp2,agpfsp1,agpfsp2 -g /gpfs/brm/backup -s /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp -f
    root 19333338 10682588   6 08:25:06      -  0:00 /bin/ksh /gpfs/brm/.office1/.mmbackupCfg/.execScript.office1 LIST /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp/mmPolicy.ix.14745666.2A1D0808.59 -servername=tsm-gpfs /gpfs/brm/.office1/mmbackup.audit.office1.tsm-gpfs NONE
    root 22478866 15990888   1 08:01:19      -  0:00 /usr/bin/perl /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/tsbackup33 /dev/office1 -N kgpfsp1,kgpfsp2,agpfsp1,agpfsp2 -s /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp -g /gpfs/brm/backup -L 0 -m 1 /gpfs/brm/.office1 tsm-gpfs: office1
    root 26345626 22478866   0 08:14:13      -  0:00 /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmksh /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmapplypolicy /dev/office1 -g /gpfs/brm/backup -N kgpfsp1,kgpfsp2,agpfsp1,agpfsp2 -s /gpfs/brm/backup/tmp -L 0 -m 1 -P /var/mmfs/mmbackup/.mmbackupRules.office1 -r /gpfs/brm/.office1/.mmbackupCfg/updatedFiles -q

mmbackup output:
mmbackup: Backup of /gpfs/brm/.office1 begins at Tue Jul 16 08:01:14 EDT 2013.
Tue Jul 16 08:01:26 2013 mmbackup:Scanning file system office1
Tue Jul 16 08:07:37 2013 mmbackup:Determining file system changes for office1 [tsm-gpfs].
Tue Jul 16 08:09:03 2013 mmbackup:changed=45744, expired=6179, unsupported=0 for server [tsm-gpfs]
Tue Jul 16 08:09:03 2013 mmbackup:Sending files to the TSM server [45744 changed, 6179 expired].


Is there any way to debug why the other nodes are not participating to the backup?


Best regards,


Yannick Bergeron

  • PaulDW
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    Re: mmbackup with multiple nodes


    Hi Yannick,

    You might want to try the -v (verbose) or -d (debug) flags of mmbackup. Besides that the man page for mmbackup also explains several useful environment variables like MMBACK_PROGRESS_CONTENT. All these could give you some additional clues as to what is going on. Also make sure each of the nodes can perform operations to the TSM server(s).

    Good luck,