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Pinned topic GenericXDBatchStep and RETRY-STEP

‏2013-08-30T15:45:40Z | batchrecordprocessor genericxdbatchstep retrylistener

I want to  use GenericXDBatchStep as my job-step and thus have implemented a BATCHRECORDPROCESSOR. All works at this point.

Now I want to implement a RETRY-STEP with my own RetryListener.

If I add the RETRY <props> to the <job-step> stanza in my .xJCL (setting # tries, delay, and my exception(s), I should have the RETRY-STEP set up for execution.

However, after provoking an Exception in my BATCHRECORDPROCESSOR.processRecord method, I see the Exception in the Console but I see no sign that the RETRY is happening. Any thoughts on getting GenericXDBatchStep to execute RETRY?

Also, typically, the RetryListener is inserted in the job context in the createJobStep method, which for GenericXDBatchStep I do not have access to.

Is there some way to designate a RetryListener when you are using GenericXDBatchStep ?

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