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Pinned topic ICC 3.0 journal email archiving questions

‏2013-10-01T15:22:54Z | collector content ecm icc

Could not find an ICC forum (strange), so I post here.

We have two Exchange servers 2010 and P8 5.2 with ICC 3.0 all on Windows 2008R2.

Need to archive all incoming and outgoing emails, so Journal archiving will be implemented.

I know that there are several benefits using SMTP connector like speed and size (as the two existing email databases are 200Gb and 400Gb), I am just cautious about the EML format and the way it can be viewed. Any opinions?

We will choose Journal Archive with email deletion task route. This will delete the email from the journal mailbox, not the user's mailboxes correct?

But there is also need for mailbox size management.

How can I accomplish this? Do I have to create another archiving task for all mailboxes?

But emails are already archived from journal, what's the purpose of archiving again. Will de-duplication reject all emails as already archived or not?

Last of my worries is security. What is the default security applied to an archived email.
 - Who is the owner? The mailbox owner? The email account that crawls the mailboxes? Other?
 - How can I apply security depending on email properties? Any documetation?