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Pinned topic Configure Domino Access Builder info from portlet

‏2013-08-20T20:41:48Z | configure domino lotus portlet wef

I am working on a project to expose a Domino Database in a portlet.   I used the "DominoServiceExample" as an example.  This example includes a Service, Stud, and Consumer models.

The Service model contains the Domino Access Builder and so I added profiles for the domino config property files and database name.  I can add a Portlet Adapter and specify that configuration is required.

The Consumer model contains Service Consumer and View and Form builders.  This contains a portlet adapter and this portlet is the one I want to put on the page.  I want to configure the Domino Access Builder information from this portlet.  But how do I do that?
I can create a Portlet Customizer and point to the Service model portlet - but the Service model portlet is not put on any page.  The Consumer model doesn't have any profiles.  

How can I configure the Service profile from the Consumer portlet?  The Advanced section on the Service Consumer builder allows me to specify Consumer profiles to replace Service ones, but I need just the opposite.