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Pinned topic SUA DB Error during Import Data : implicit conversion nvarchar to binary fault

‏2014-04-04T14:35:02Z |

A new installation of SUA 2.2.99 for IEM 9.1 creates this error on first import

ERROR: Sequel::DatabaseError: NativeException: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Implicit conversion from data type nvarchar to binary is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.


This error was received on two installations where sua is installed on a different server to the IEM server. Same error with SQL2008 express & SQL2008 full.

Error occurs on initial import, and on subsequent imports.

In the interface I do have the details of all my endpoints, their properties, and their SUA groups....but no data from any of the CIT & software scans running on those clients.

I have the software catalog, but nothing in the Inventory report, the raw registry data, the inventory report etc....


IEM server is currently running SCA, so I cannot make the test to see if the error can be recreated locally on the IEM server.

 Does anyone else see this problem?

Is it a known issue, or a new issue?



  • MichalPaluch
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    Re: SUA DB Error during Import Data : implicit conversion nvarchar to binary fault

    ‏2014-04-09T10:45:29Z  in response to JFannon

    Hello, this seems to be known issue (APAR IV58436), it will be fixed in next patch.

    If you need temp workaround you need to open PMR. You can include APAR number so it's processed faster.