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Pinned topic System Architect Sandbox returns slanted desktop

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Greetings.  I have attempted to initiate a System Architect sandbox session using both Firefox 26.0 and IE 11.  The only connection type that returned anything that would be considered workable or usable was HTML 5 with IE 11; however, the desktop of the sandbox is slanted in a 45 degree angle from upper left to lower right.  I have attached a screenshot of the browser session.  Please advise how to resolve.  I am performing software evaluations for data modeling tools for immediate purchase.  I have not experienced issues preventing execution of competitor's offerings.  Regards.

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    Re: System Architect Sandbox returns slanted desktop



      Sorry about this issue. It did happen  for some of users.  We are still investigate now.  You may try google chrome to see if it work of not in the meantime because some one did report it work on chrome.