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Pinned topic Need to delete unreferenced plugins from SCAWS

‏2013-05-17T14:28:33Z |


I am facing a problem with my service instance on SCAWS.

While developing a pattern, I'd been testing it by deploying it on incremental basis (by increasing the version in config.json for corresponding changed plugin). I also had the shared ELB service deployed which I was using with my pattern.

For one policy when the version was, the patterntype (version got accidentally deleted.

After that I could not remove the individual plugins ( to as the related pattern type ( was not present anymore. So I increased the version of patterntype to ( and also increased the corresponding version information for related plugin (to and tried deploying it. But as I hit the deploy button, it displayed 'stopped'.

To check whether the issue was because of the ELB conflict, I removed the ELB and redeployed it again. But the problem still persists and I am not able to use the service instance anymore.

I am not sure whether the problem is because of the patterntype/ plugin number mismatch or anything else. So I want to remove all the plugins and patterntypes (all the versions) from the service instance and then start the deployment afresh.

My query is : is there any way to remove all the plugins from the service instance (including the ones referencing the patterntype that does not exist anymore)? If not, then what should be the solution to the issue, other than removing the service instance?

Thanks in advance,