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Pinned topic Storage Productivity centre - unable to log on

‏2013-07-25T14:31:45Z |


I recieve following errors

GUI0023M: Unable to connect to the server.
                         Please ensure that the server is up and running
                         and that the network connection is active. If
                         the server is down you can use the server log
                         file to determine why the server shutdown.

I have tried to a bit of troubleshoot , by restarting the TPC services and DB2.

However, When try to connect to the TPCDB , I get a sql5005c errors and not able to connect to the TPCDB.

I have checked as per the TPC installtion documents and the relevant ports seems to be listening.

Checked the logs server_xx.log and i find message like unable to connect to repository.

i know this is sort of duplicate post but

but then i seem to be lost at this moment.

Any idea and help would be great.