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Pinned topic ICA for FAQ use case

‏2013-05-18T02:28:13Z |

Assume the following scenario:

Lie to use ICA for ICA product software technical support team.

Annotator with Dictionary, parsing rule, have been configured to Category the questions type: Installation Related, Administration Related and etc.

The technical support team while responding notice that additional word / concept that should categorize it as Installation Related category but not being configured in the current dictionary and parsing rule. And this might happen on a daily basis, e.g. new installer has been used in the new ICA version release, therefore new words used to post Installation Related questions.

My understanding is that to add these new entries, one has to modify the Annotator in ICA studio. But this kind of adding entries on daily basis might pose potential maintenance issue, especially in the production environment.

Question: any alternative to better solve this problem?

Suppose there is a question that is Installation Related and Administration Related but due to new words / concepts for the new installer not being captured yet, ICA miss it as Installation Related, only tag it as Administration Related.

Suppose the technical support team would like to add a Installation Related facet to this question document.

Question: is there API available to tag a document after it went through a UIMA pipeline already?