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Pinned topic Supporting EBA and WAB: How to adjust CICS Explorer 5.1.1 to eclipse ??

‏2013-12-08T12:50:45Z | 5.1.1 cics eba wab

Hello ,

Wishing to enable Sevlets/JSP projects (i.e. Dynamic WEB Projects) under Liberty   Profile to enjoy OSGi versioning & Bundling in CICS 5.1 like Plug-in OSGi projects,  IBM  support adviced me to install newer version of CICS 5.1 Developer Trial which supports EBA/WAB . But before,IBM sites guide you to use version 5.1.1  of CICS Explorer & SDK  , and for it you have to install of Eclipse 4.2.2 Juno.

Since my current CICS 5.1 Developer Trial with Dynamic WEB and CICS Java appl's implementation  undel Liberty  is based on Eclipse 3.7 Indigo & CICS exp.5.1,     I have downloaded  the two new versions of the above.

   My problem is:

I fail to integrate the new Explorer version as a \new software' under my new eclipse 4.2.2 IDE. 

Note that I am attemting to do it in the "Local" procedure since my eclipse installtion is not connected directly to Internet (like I did under prev. versions).. (i.e. I am NOT using the referenced url location:  ""   but rather point to the downloaded zip of  CICS Explorer as a local "Archive".

I am using  eclipse's menu features like  window->preference-> install / update -> available software sites      and    help-> install new software.

Any combination of pointing to either zip or local extracted jars etc.  return with error messages like "site does not contain software" or "could not find jar:file ...".

Appreciate any advice for proceeding.

Is there a  strict description of this installation ?


Yair B.


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    Re: Supporting EBA and WAB: How to adjust CICS Explorer 5.1.1 to eclipse ??


    Hi Yair,

    It's a little bit difficult to diagnose without more details about the exact error messages and the name of the zip file you're pointing CICS Explorer at, but I would suggest the following:

    1) Download Eclipse 4.2.2, like you said you have done

    2) On the CICS Explorer download page (, you are trying to do a "direct download", rather than using our update site, so click the directo download link. Download the CICS Explorer 5.1.1 SDK file, and also download the "Additional Eclipse dependencies" file.

    3) Add both of these files to your Eclipse instance as update sites

    From there, you should be able to install successfully.