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Pinned topic Network Configuration Nortel to HP (ping timeouts)

‏2013-09-18T09:53:20Z |

I have a problem with a bladecenter e and the network connectivity.

there are 6 blades (5x hs22 - windows 2008 r2 and 1x hs21 - vmware), 2 nortel switches on bladecenter and 2 hp switches for the clients.

my configuration:

nortel switch 1 -> 4 cables to hp switch 1 (using lacp)

nortel switch 2 -> 4 cables to hp swich 2 (using lacp)

ports for blade servers are not configured to use lacp or trunk

blade servers nic teaming is active. using basp with lacp (active/passiv)

now if a blade server pings another, i got timeouts. 20 pings, 1 timeout.

if all nics of the blade servers are active on the same nortel switch, there are no problems. if one nic has changed the switch, i got timeouts.


i read the redbook and i think i have done all necessary steps..
what am I doing wrong?


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