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We have TM1 web 10.2 running on Windows2008 R2 using IIS

We have had some applications built for us which have a number of text entry fields as well as number and calculated fields.

We can enter numbers in the fields fine, and can enter text in a few fields but as soon as we scroll down the page a bit and try to enter more text it comes up with the following error


Unable to get value of the property 'cells':object is null or undefined


and then the web page locks up. We have to press the BACK button to be able to go back in to the application.

We arent trying to enter complex text, any text will make it do it. If we zoom the page out to 75% or 50% then it does it less as we dont have to scroll so much. It also seems to work fine when using Xcelerator and Excel, it is only the TM1 Web that is the problem.

So it seems as if scrolling down the page causes some sort of problem with the data entry.

This is the same in Ie9 and ie8. Google chrome doesnt like TM1 web at all as the scroll bars disappear.

Anybody seen this before or got any ideas?





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    Re: Tm1 web and error message


    this may well be in the wrong section, it has Cognos Express running as the back end btw. If its in the wrong place let me know and I will try the Cognos Express section.