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I have InfoSphere streams v3.1 in vmware. I want to connect it solidDB installed in the host machine on windows. Can somebody please guide me regarding the steps for this. If there is any link of documents mentioning the steps, that will also be helpful. I am not able to configure this following the existing information available in InfoCentre.

Earlier I tried installing solidDB inside vmware. That connection is working properly now.



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    Re: Configuring SolidDB with Infosphere Streams


    Without a description of the steps leading up to the connection failure (the calls being made?) and the symptoms / errors / messages associated with the problem I can only make general statements.  Since this works when solidDB is on the Linux system it sounds like a connectivity problem between your mahcines (the messages should indicate the problem area).  

    the first step is to check if  you can query SolidDB outsisde of Streams but from the Streams machine via the ODBC client.  If this works and you are using supported versions as listed at the link below you should be able to connect from Streams:

    Please post the errors/messages and results of the connectivity testing outside of Streams adn we can work to narrow down the problem.