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Pinned topic RSA 9.6.1 problem with connection to remote Docker daemon

‏2018-03-20T11:21:47Z | docker rsa

Hi all,

I'm having issues with connection to remote Docker daemon in RSA v9.6.1.

TCP Connection is set with correct url (i.e. tcp://, but test connection fails with "Ping failed!" message.

I'm sure the url is correct and everything is ok with Docker server, because everything works fine from Eclipse!

I've tried several versions of Eclipse - from Mars, Neon (v2 and v3) and Oxygen, with different versions of Docker tools plugin (v2.1.0 - which I found is the latest working with Neon and RSA, and 3.2.0 in Eclipse Oxygen), and my connection is successfully established in every case except from RSA.

My network settings are ok (native provider, no proxy) in all cases.


Any ideas anyone?




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