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Pinned topic What's the best way to merge changes between sibling streams?

‏2013-10-19T01:13:13Z |

Hi All

I have a mainline based stream design where all phase streams are created from a mainline, so there is only one level under the mainline (parent and child, no grandchild). We used to deliver baselines between sibling streams and worked very well. And now there are a couple of teams, they can't manage the changes among these streams very well, and always ask me to do some ad hoc sychronization between streams such as add a folder (with lots of files inside) to one stream which is already exist in another stream (they can't do it themself because I have an evil-twin trigger). Sometimes a couple of files.

One way is use to re-do the activities, but sometimes they are not well organized in one single activities. In this kind of situation, what shall I do and what shall I suggest them? Is this common?