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I'm looking to use opentext content server as our ECM solution,

is it possible to use it in BPM 8.5? anyone has any configurations that might help us configure the ECM settings in BPM?




Adrian Putra Taslim

  • Dinesh2107
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    Re: OpenText Integration


    Hi Adrian,


    Were u able to integrate OpenText with IBM BPM? 

  • smithDOR
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    Re: OpenText Integration


    If Open Text supports CMIS, you should be able to use that

  • AndrewPaier
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    Re: OpenText Integration


    We've proven for our customers that integration with any modern ECM system is possible (the hardest one we've done is Sharepoint 365), but the question is how much work you are willing to put into it and what technical resources you have available.  I quick look at OpenText's site, I didn't find any mention of CMIS.  Based on that if your question is actually -

    "Is there a way to support OpenText in IBM BPM 8.5+ using OOTB features?"

    I think the answer is "No".  However, a sufficiently knowledgable delivery team can find a way to make it work for your customer / use cases.  Doing so simply takes additional code as well as Infrastructure setup.


    -Andrew Paier