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Pinned topic Problem with account -> SystemAdmin?

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For some years I've been following some dw forums per Email. Now, for 12 days I have not received any email any more in any of the forums. Today I checked whether topics have been discussed and, indeed, there were many posts that did not reach me.

Now I browsed to some of the answers that I posted myself and found that they are marked as having been posted by "dw SystemAdmin" instead of my own account.

Something has gone quite wrong here. Do you have any idea how my account can be repaired?



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    Re: Problem with account -> SystemAdmin?


    Hi Mike,

    We apologize for the problems with the forum follows.  Unfortunately there was no way to preserve these settings when migrating from our legacy forum software to Lotus Connections.  You will have to set them back up manually.

    Regarding the profile confusion, prior to the upgrade, the legacy forum software used profiles that were actually independent of those used by developerWorks Community.  When migrating the forums to Connections forums, for each post, an attempt was made to find a unique developerWorks profile with the same email address as the profile in the legacy software.  If no match could be found, a default profile was used instead.  We will look into why your posts since the upgrade are being marked with the default profile.  Note that we should be able to restore post ownership in a couple of weeks to those with high post counts, and others on request.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.