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Pinned topic Expand, Collapse all nodes of DOORS TreeView

‏2014-04-18T18:44:29Z |

I have created a pop-dailog with a tree view of a formal module's requirement object's ID, Req Text and

in,out links along with the ID, requirement text of all in/out links.

I nee to create two buttons on the dialog box to expand (or collapse) all sub-nodes (sub-trees) of the treeView, please?

Sample DXL code for the expand./ collapse features will be greatly appreciated.

I have created treeView of a module's requirement objects and their in, out links without creating a list view or skip list.

Also, is there a way to display OLE images on the tree branches/nodes, when the requirement text that has OLE  embedded?

For inserting obj_id & req_text, I am passing iconNone. It is giving big gap between node head and the text, is there a way to not have blank space in case of iconNone?

Also please,

when script is processing a DOORS folder with number of modules,

is it possible to display status message info at the bottom the treeview dialog, informing user of module 1 completed, mod 2 completed etc?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Mike Melon





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    Re: Expand, Collapse all nodes of DOORS TreeView


    Hi Mike,


    The way I did it was to select every node in the tree in turn as I added it. You can definitely optimise this, but it works. Easiest way is to empty your list, then re-insert your tree items and set each one as the current tree item just after adding it. See below (where dbeTree is your tree view)

    for o in m do{
     insert(dbeTree, o."DXL for tree path" "", iconFolder, iconFolderOpen)
     set(dbeTree, o."DXL for tree path" "")