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Hello .

I am facing issues while integration with Siebel my adapter version is 5.1.9. The siebel solution is configured with ldap authentication.

1.  Siebel has a policy if the user enter 5 times wrong password the user in locked in Siebel now when we reconcile from siebel the user status we get is Active. after changing the password the user become active in ldap . how can we cater this scenario in itim.

2. when I check Is Employee?  option  I get the following error: 

CTGIMT205E  The request failed due to a system error: You are not allowed to perform this action (SBL-APS-00802).

and in TDI logs :

2013-12-31 00:01:25,481 DEBUG [AssemblyLine.AssemblyLines/siebelJDBAdd_Application - SQIT Siebel_4870608948463255904_5680cdb0-2a72-11b2-e44f-0000ac14a4d0.2] - [siebelJDBConnEmp] CTGDIS495I handleException , addonly, You are not allowed to perform this action
2013-12-31 00:01:25,481 DEBUG [server] - CTGDIS802I Getting reconnect choice for connector class = class, connector name = siebelJDBConnEmp, error = You are not allowed to perform this action
(SBL-APS-00802). No matching rule found. Using default action - error.



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    Re: ITIM integration with siebel


    I was expecting someone else in this forum to reply, but let me try to take a whack at this. My environment is a different, because I have TAM in front of Siebel. One thing that I recall, when integrating with Siebel, is that everything is about an agreement with the Siebel interface. For example: If the attribute that is capturing the 'locked user' status is not being exposed in the Siebel interface, then nothing you can do about it beside buying a beer to the Siebel admin to expose that attribute. Similarly on case #2, you might not have the right to modify one of the attribute in that Siebel interface. A beer might also be the avenue to make the error go away.

    Rgds. YN.