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‏2013-04-18T14:22:20Z |


when RDz starts up, all RSE functionality is initialized in the background. That may lead to the effect, that our plugins get called before the RSE is usable. By asking RSECorePlugin.isInitComplete(RSECorePlugin.INIT_ALL) or registering with RSECorePlugin.addInitListener() one may find out whether or get informed when the Eclipse based RSE functionality is ready to be used.

Unfortunately "RSE is ready" does not mean "Remote Resource API is ready" - especially if you use the initListener technique. Occasionally you will retrieve an empty system list from PhysicalSystemRegistryFactory. getSingleton().getSystems(IPopulatorConstants.MVSFiles) when you call it during start up, although RSECorePlugin.isInitComplete(RSECorePlugin.INIT_ALL) returns true.

I remember an IBM slide in a presentation at Guide Share Europe addressing that problem by mentioning a new API that allows you to get informed when the Remote Resource API is ready. Well, I know, all information about new features is always subject to change, but does anybody know what happened to this one? I could not find anything about this in the Remote Resource API documentation, but maybe it's unintentionally left out or at a place where I didn't search...

How can a plugin register as a listener to the Remote Resource API Init?

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