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‏2013-12-16T17:03:14Z | ftp


We have one pSeries p52A with AIX 5.3 installed. One Windows with FTP client acess directory /usr/sap and download and clean all .txt arquives, this software as development in VB, it´s login, acess directory, list all arquives txt, download and clear, I´m see in FTP debbug mode.

In another  p52A with AIX 5.3 too, the same client dont get arquives, and I´m see the client login, acess directory, list arquives (ignore the 6 first caracteres) and can´t get arquives. I have tested in another AIX (5.3, 6.1 e 7.1) and the same problem happens.

What could I change on AIX for Software performs the operation to capture the name correctly?

Why the new environment FTP client ignores the first 6 characters of the file name?

Tks a lot


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