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I've got a few HS21s and HS21 XMs that I want to use, but their firmware version is very old. Is there a way to get the updates via UpdateXpress and create a bootable ISO? Only HS22 and above is available now which is not very useful for me...

Any thoughts?



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    Re: UpdateXpress for HS21/XM


    I was able to update the firmware on a handful of HS21s and HS21XMs using the downloadable ISOs.  Thy aren't UpdateXpress images, but if I recall this correctly they're bootable and will perform the firmware upgrades.  Failing that, you might be able to perform the flash using the AMM interface under Blade Tasks > Firmware Update.  Can't remember which way I've done it, possibly both ways.  I have the ISOs kicking around if you get really stuck.