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Pinned topic Error msg when opening RMC application.

‏2017-07-24T09:41:54Z | issues rmc

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  • BruceJMacIsaac
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    Re: Error msg when opening RMC application.


    There's not enough information here to diagnose your problem.  Are you using the latest version of RMC?   https://jazz.net/downloads/rational-method-composer/releases/

    Was it working before and stopped working?  What OS?  I recommend contacting IBM customer support https://www.ibm.com/support/home/

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  • gmp_query
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    Re: Error msg when opening RMC application.


    Hello BruceJMacIsaac,


    I have a query in search option on RMC published methods, the search is not working and not letting to go to next page we are getting this below error

    PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function session_is_registered() in E:\deliver2\methodportal\components\UPM\search\PHPSearch.php on line 30

    we have these configurations on the server where we are deploying the methods.

    Apache 2.4

    PHP 5.6

    https protocol enabled.

    please provide us a solution for this.

    best regards,