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Pinned topic ITX 10, SQS and new "adapter style"

‏2019-05-06T12:54:32Z |

Hi all,


I started exercising ITX10 on my laptop (windows) and second laptop (Ubuntu, using the Design Server).


I found it would cool to start using the Amazon adapters also but for the moment I have no success:

   - Ubuntu / Design Server tells me it reaches error -305 (for which I cannot find a meaning at the moment... may be I did not try hard enough?)

   - Windows tells me "adapter not found" / -99999.


I concentrated on the Windows box at the moment and I can:

    - use Python to write to/read from my SQS queue

    - Use Amazon's samples to put.get from the same queue


I noticed the adapter is referenced in a new way in adapters.xml, so I'd be happy to confirm if I need to do some additional steps, like copying specific JARs at a specific location, or pointing to them in the dtx.ini file?


The documentation does not mention pre-requisites, but this may be required anyway.


Any help would be appreciated (and of course, I'll share "my" solution if I finally get it to work)



  • PaulBrett
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    Re: ITX 10, SQS and new "adapter style"


    I would guess that the Amazon adapters require some additional JARs which would be present, on an instance of ITX running on AWS.

    Thank you.


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