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Pinned topic Renaming Form Breaks CAD Integrator Connection?

‏2017-11-07T20:25:39Z |


I've made some modifications to a handful of forms that are connected to CAD BO Mapping records (ex, triEmployee, triSpace, triFloor, etc.). I've updated the label to follow the TRIRIGA customization standards and relabeled as "cst" such as "cst-triSpace". However, in AutoCAD, when I attempt to Smart Attach/Publish drawings, I get an error that looks to point towards the GUI Name of the form not lining up to the CAD Mapping. How do I get CAD Integrator to pick up the same form but with a different label?


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  • AK88
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    Re: Renaming Form Breaks CAD Integrator Connection?


    Hey Dan,


    When renaming those forms, there are a few changes you need to make to the CAD backend:


    1. Create new CAD Mapping records that point to the new form. I recommend checking the old mapping records in order to make sure all fields are added properly

    2. If you added any required fields, I believe that they need to be added to the CAD Mapping record

    3. Open the CAD Hierarchy and make sure each node is pointing to the new Mapping record that you created from step #1 

    4. Update the form on the CAD Label Style in order to point to the new form


    If you are on a newer platform, I recommend keeping the form names as tri... and using object labels to manage versioning.