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Pinned topic Review and Undelete deleted action

‏2014-03-28T04:38:59Z |

Hi All,

I am facing some urgent here.

I had deleted the Action in console.

But my manager need evidence to show those testing that I had done previously.

It is anyway for me to retrieve all the data again in database to console?

Mean I need retrace back all previously action (maybe start from year 2014) to get the report?

I had found this article:

But I do try and unable to retrieve and view back the deleted action.

It is any change from the database?

Or it is any other ways can solve my issue?

Really appreciate anyone can help.

Please help.


  • jgstew
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    Re: Review and Undelete deleted action



    This question is also posted here:


    I'm not exactly sure how to do this, but I do know that the information is in the DB.


  • Tim.Rice
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    Re: Review and Undelete deleted action


    I understand what he is saying.  We have a similar issue were I work.  For me the issue is the ITIL Change Committee insisting on "proof" of patching.

    his manager wants proof that the action succeeded or failed, and is wanting it from IEM, but the action record was deleted and needs to be "undeleted"