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‏2013-07-21T12:44:22Z | design fabric san

Hello all... Hope i'm posting to the right place..

anyway i'm caught a little uninformed here....

i was presented with the following variables: The customer is going to buy2   SAN06B-R and also 2 SAN 24B-4 with a DS3500 Unit.  The customer has two sites that are very close to each other less than 500 feet apart and they will be running fiber between the sites. So I am not a SAN super expert by I say there is no need for a SAN06B since we are not doing an FCOIP and there is fiber between the sites. Cant I just Merge the two SAN 24B-4 swtiches  to do the job?

But since the sales people want to sell if we wanted to keep the SAN06B-R and and use it for only FC connectivity is it possible to connect the SAN06B-R to the SAN24B-4 on each site all using fiber and get the Global mirror working?