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Pinned topic JBOSS EAP on PowerLinux

‏2014-02-04T08:20:46Z |

Hi guys,

we are analyzing a customer environment composed by a lot of JBOSS environment, based on competitive hardware.

The idea is to propose the Linux on Power platform as a consolidation and renewal platform for this environment, but we found that

we have some problem in supporting the JBOSS. From the RedHat official web site, it seems that the Linux on Power is not one of certified or supported platform  for JBOSS V 5 or V6. Following the official links.

Could someone give us some more detailed information about this? What is really the certification status about JBOSS on Linux on Power?

Thank you in advance for your help


  • JayFurmanek
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    Re: JBOSS EAP on PowerLinux

    ‏2014-03-07T05:41:34Z  in response to Rita_Ceresi

    On that page, "Compatbile Configurations" is the list that will tell you if it works, and JBOSS does work with the IBM JDK, which is the Java on PowerLinux.

    As you saw, PowerLinux is not one of their "certified" configurations.

    I'd ask Red Hat directly if you need more information about what their certification entails or means.

    • BrandonFoster
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      Re: JBOSS EAP on PowerLinux

      ‏2014-04-11T15:22:21Z  in response to JayFurmanek

      Hey Jay,

      I see that the link still doesn't show PowerLinux as being "certified". Have you heard anything back from Red Hat on this? I have an ISV that is looking to port to Linux but is worried about JBOSS EAP not being part of the "certified" configurations you mention so they are hesitating to port to anything other then Linux on x86.