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The below code works for one identifier but not multiple...I don't understand why.  If you could respond with a concise answer that would be great.  It's been a while since I've had to work with dxl.

The below is the code.

Module m = current
Object o
int objectCount = 0
int deletedObjectCount = 0
string id
id = identifier(o)

for o in entire m do {
    if (!isDeleted(o){
        if ((id == "LETH-563") || (id == "LETH-564")){
        o."Requirement Status"="Recommend for Deletion"""
        print "found a requirement and updated it" "\n"

print "Module " name(m)"" " Object Counts:\n"
print "Total number of objects = " objectCount ".\n"
print "Number of deleted objects = " deletedObjectCount ".\n"

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    Re: Identifier


    This line:

    id = identifier(o)

    has to go in your "for o in m" loop. Otherwise you're assigning the id of the first object and never change it.