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Pinned topic SA - RPE Integration

‏2013-05-02T17:22:33Z |

Hello - has anyone used the System Architect REST service for integration with RPE?  I've been trying to follow the instructions in the Help site (here, specifically), but it repeatedly refuses to recognize the server name and the encyclopedia name. I've turned on the logging, which is convinced that it has successfully connected to the server and loaded the list of encyclopedias - but there is never anything in the dropdown. If I type in the encyclopedia name, I get an error "Invalid Server Name / Encyclopedia Name specified."  

We are using SQL Server, running on a separate database server from System Architect.   I suspect there is something I have to change or configure for that - and I thought I had found a clue on this page of the help files, but I'm still having no luck.


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    Re: SA - RPE Integration

    ‏2013-05-20T19:54:21Z  in response to TJKing

    I happened to stumble on the solution for this myself this morning.  I had been following the instructions from the Help site, which say:

    "If the database instance is on a different machine, then the database instance value should be <machine name> + <database instance name>." (this is from the second link above)

    What it doesn't say - and which I learned from this TechNote - is that a) the format for the URI is not the same as the format for the "Server name" field in the Report Server Manager dialog, and b) your SQL Server instance might not have a database instance name.

    In this case, everything worked marvelously when I put the Server name in the dialog in the following format: "servername\ " (without quotes). I still had to type the encyclopedia name by hand, but after that it generated the XSD file with no problems!

    Hope this information helps somebody else down the road!