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Is there an easy way to compare two source members without having to scroll and select members in the remote systems view? I find it difficult sometimes to select the two members especially if they are in different libraries   when I have to expand and scroll through many members to select them.   


It would be nice if you could right click a member and select Compare with and then enter the member name to compare with directly into a dialog box similar to what you get with Ctrl-Alt-Q.


Using version


Thanks for any suggestions.


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  • Steve Ferrell
    Steve Ferrell
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    Re: Comparing source members


    Hi Paul,

    The compare to option is on the roadmap for a future release, but until then you can use the Ctrl-Shift-Q (PDM Perspective quick view) to quickly find the members in a simple list, then select the two and select the menu option compare with, each other. If your only know the member name, simply keep the file as * for all. Both of my libraries are in my *LIBL. 

    Note: I've changed to use the customized fields to show the library and last modified date.


    Hope this helps!


  • PauldeV
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    Re: Comparing source members


    If you use the iSphere plug-in, you can right-click on a member and select the 'iSphere Compare Editor':

    This will prompt you to enter the member name you want to compare to:

  • pjackson
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    Re: Comparing source members


    Thanks you Steve and Paul for those tips, good information!.